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Our services

Our services - Jola's Well Home

GDC, Complete Home Management

GDC is the subscription service that allows you to keep your home under control, even when you’re not there. With Jola's WellHome Management, our staff will visit your home on the days we agree with you to carry out a triple check-up on the conditions of the property. Once the check-up is complete, you will receive a report via WhatsApp with photos and videos so that you can see that everything is in order; if there are any issues that need to be resolved, these will be flagged here.

Safety checks

A check of the interior and exterior of your home to ensure that the property and its valuables are intact, with an indication of any issues that need to be resolved.

Technical checks

A functional check of your home appliances and systems with an indication of any issues that need to be resolved.

Cleaning checks

A check on the cleanliness of your home, with an indication of any issues that need to be resolved.

Three GDC options are available: a three-monthly, six-monthly or annual subscription.

Each of the three options will give you access to the Additional Service Formulas, enabling you to request any type of work, from technical maintenance, to advisory services for all of your home, administrative, personal or entertainment needs. Shall we get started?

Additional service formulas

"We know that second-home owners can have various needs and requirements. With our Additional Service Formulas, we want to provide a response to any need that might arise, even those that haven't occurred to you."
Jola Cela
Whatever your requirements, we are always ready to take action, either with our own team or with certified professionals, who operate under the constant supervision of Jola's WellHome staff. Each service provided under the Additional Service Formulas will be carried out on the basis of a cost estimate.


When you need it, you don't need anything else

The ONE-TIME formula includes standard and special maintenance work or personal services that can be requested on an occasional basis.

Standard maintenance: gardening and cleaning.
Special maintenance: faults and malfunctions (hydraulic and electrical faults, security, telephone and television-related issues, faulty electrical appliances etc.); structural damage (masonry, furniture, fixtures, infestations etc.).
Personal services: babysitting, dog sitting, home care services.


For any time you want

The EVERY-TIME formula includes regular maintenance work and administrative and personal services on a periodic basis as stipulated by you.

Standard maintenance: gardening, cleaning.
Administrative services: postal services, payments, administrative procedures.
Personal services: babysitting, dog sitting, home care services.


Ask us anything, and free your imagination

The FREE-TIME formula includes entertainment experiences and special event management services. We organise dinners with chefs who will come to your home, events or trips, and vehicle hire, as well as booking tourist services and tickets for shows. We will grant your every wish.

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